Malvani Red Fish Curry & Fry (Pomfret)

India has so much to offer in terms of food that a lifetime is not enough to explore it! Malavan is part of west coast of India,located in Konkan region of Maharashtra state.This recipe with its spices from that region makes it unique with its taste..The curry is accompanied by fried Bombay Ducks (Bombil).

Marinate cleaned fish ( slices of big pomfret) in 1/2 lemon juice,1Tsp turmeric powder,little salt for 15 minutes.

In Mixer..grind,1big tsp of dhania(Coriander) powder+ 2 big onion chopped+1 big tsp of ginger garlic paste,red mirchi (Chillies) 6 pcs,(Sankeshwari dry red mirchi,soaked in water for few minutes after removing stems) +grated 1/2 coconut,make a fine paste.

In pan..heat Oil..add kadipatta..hing,
turmeric,fine chopped 1 small onion..stir well till onion becomes brown.

add mixie paste…..marinated fish,4-5 pcs of kokum,1 Tsp malvani red fish masala,little water,salt for taste.Let it boil for max 10minutes,on medium flame,with lid covered,stir in between lightly with spoon so as not to break the fish..add ready coconut milk- one pouch*,stir for few minutes and
In th end..garnish with fine chopped coriander..